About us

Our group of companies started from a few dots. Now, we're a whole solar system of shapes, figures, and lines. We've been a startup, a small business, a big company, a product maker, and a service provider. Now, we're tech enthusiasts who are up for any challenge and would rather do than stay behind.

Industries practiced 
Companies guided
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Our mission

Thrive to reach your full potential.

Our vision

We serve any kind of business with digital solutions. As long as you have the idea driving your enthusiasm, we are ready to provide you with the right team, help you to clarify your targeted strategy, and become a tool for shaping your ideas.

ODG from scratch


A circle of visionaries, our founders, created a global helping hand to assist technology projects.


We are fortunate to find our first big client. Grateful for the opportunity, exciting project, and generous customer, who was from the Netherlands, we are ready to create our company's branding. To honor this client who helped start our business, we choose orange, the color of the Dutch queen, for our company, Orangesoft.


Our skilled, albeit small, team already creates and successfully launches over 30 mobile applications. Additionally, we set up our own backend development department.


Orangesoft starts to provide full-cycle app development services from business analysis, backend and frontend development to testing and maintenance. Our team as well as our services, are expanding.

Also, one of our client’s apps,  "HandMadeFood," is awarded the App Store's "Best of 2014" award. This award is a major victory.


Another app we developed for "CoachNow" helps our client to close a Series A funding round with $1.7 million, which is huge for them.


We are delighted to collaborate with renowned brands such as Philips and Adidas. Our projects became more intricate, and that's how we venture into the most challenging field yet: healthcare and IoT.


We hit a major milestone by having over 100+ specialists on board! Our Unity developers are highly experienced in animation, AR, VR, and 3D modeling, creating an impressive game collection for a large client.


We embark on a journey of consulting meetings for startups and tech teams.

Additionally, Clutch and GoodFirm recognize us as top mobile app developers. We don’t know it then, but we will continue to be honored with awards from these platforms each year.


In addition to our service-oriented business model, our team and founders are actively exploring new grounds in order to craft our own tech products.


We are named one of the “Top 1000 Companies” by Clutch. Our expertise spanned many realms, from social networking and entertainment to health and fitness, e-commerce, education, and IoT.


ODG is founded to unite one of our product brands A-Mates and the service brand, Orangesoft, under one roof.


We unveil the A-Mates MVP and launch a shaped product ready for market use. This SDK for communities can be deployed in any mobile application within a single hour. All of this is made possible due to Orangesoft’s skilled development team.


We are still constantly growing, seeking new experiences, even more passionate about technologies. We never think of stopping!

Our mantra



Optimise, learn, implement, and improve with the help of tech tools. As long as machines don't revolt, they're our friends.



We encourage sharing knowledge, always staying human, showing empathy, and trying to understand others.



Work hard, play hard, rest consciously, live green, and stay hydrated. Reach balance in every way.



We all have our specific needs and characteristics. We all deserve to be heard and treated respectfully.



Always stay honest, admit failures and  learn from them, and reach success.



Say your ideas out loud and try all of them. Be brave and curious.

Our locations

While our offices are in Poland and the US, our employees work all around the world. We position ourselves as a remote-friendly company with strong communication processes and regular meetings for all team members.