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We are a stellar team of explorers, creators, and risk-takers. Put your gear on. A universe of great ideas is waiting for us.

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We don’t stop

The total number of invested hours, lines of code, completed tasks, and conquered challenges are difficult to calculate. But we can summarize them as milestones we achieved as a team in collaboration with our clients.

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Industries mastered
Solutions developed
Companies guided
Years of experience

Our focus strategy

Mobile and Web Development

Entire development cycle, wide technology stack with more than 80 languages, frameworks and databases, design approved by customers, resulting in high-quality end products.

Product Development

Concept building and realization, MVP development, product management, analysis and other supervisor services from ODG founders and specialists.

Tech Consulting

Covers more than ten industries, from e-commerce to healthcare, we can provide expert consulting on each step of your product and business development.


Our Founders

Our astronauts in the ocean inspire daily growth, social impact, and professional and personal development. Each has a strong background working with cutting-edge technologies. They aren’t  afraid of starting from scratch or overcoming challenges.