How we can help your product

We provide support at every stage of digital product development, from the first glimpse of an idea to the final product and beyond.

Test your business idea

Shape your business idea into a full-fledged product with ODG. We will help you find the right market niche and align it with real-world needs. Let our experts validate your business idea by building deployable digital prototypes and an MVP with clean, flexible code. Together we will:
  • Define project vision and scope
  • Validate tech feasibility
  • Establish your business model strategy
  • Develop the go-to-market strategy
  • Build a clickable prototype and MVP
Product discovery

We provide product discovery services to help you turn your idea into an MVP. We dive into your project idea and research the market and end users to define the project’s scope, limitations, and a solution vision.

During this stage, our team creates user stories, validates tech feasibility, and conducts design sprints. We also estimate your project and assign it to a specific timeline. Together, we will lay a strong and articulated foundation for a successful market entry.

MVP Development

Building an MVP first helps you verify your business hypothesis with a quality test version of your digital product. At ODG, we build an MVP from scratch to help you find the right market fit and transform your vision into a functional product.

We help you save your money by building an early product version with core features that can still validate your hypothesis and minimize risks.

UI/UX Design

Make your future product stand out with meaningful interfaces guided by a customer-first approach. By performing in-depth market, target audience, and competitor research, we come up with intuitive interfaces fit for specific business goals.

Our designers apply proven expertise to design and prototype across a wide range of UI/UX services. Be it interaction design or UX development, we help you craft responsive, groundbreaking experiences.


Build your digital product

Develop your software products faster — with defined technology and scalable architecture. Our company guides you through the whole development process — from ideation and design to development and launch. Our Agile practices make it possible to change plans and pivot at any time. Together, we will:
  • Estimate the development budget
  • Define the right engagement model
  • Prioritize and implement core functionality
  • Develop a competitive digital solution
  • Test the app’s performance
Product design

Contextualize your product vision through mature design processes at ODG. We help you better understand and grow your startup’s ecosystem through high-fidelity clickable prototypes. Our team transforms your idea into a detailed user story and defines the software requirements specifications needed to bring it together into a solid product.

We will also create a unified design system to keep your designers and developers on the same page and produce more consistent user experiences.

Web development

Kickstart your business and grow audiences with custom websites and web applications that help your business grow. We plan and develop your web apps with scalability in mind to catch growing user needs and traffic.

To ensure a perfect match, our web developers dive into your business needs and tech requirements that get solidified in the final product.

Mobile app development

Reach your target audience via native mobile experiences on iOS and Android. As a custom app development company, the ODG team delivers platform-specific mobile apps that are both budget friendly and high quality.

Our broad expertise allows us to power any iOS or Android product, be it fintech or a fitness application. Together, we’ll work iteratively to keep the process flexible, and you’ll be directly involved in every iteration to ensure the perfect result.


Grow your product

Secure your place in the market and turn your MVP into a full-scale product with our product development services. We help you scale your product by implementing new technologies and improving the product’s performance to welcome more users. Together, we will:
  • Ramp up your in-house team
  • Create a consistent improvement strategy
  • Plan design and technical improvements
  • Align your current solution with new business needs
  • Scale your product both horizontally and vertically
Product management

Align your product with the target market and user pains. Our experienced Product Managers will help you search out, gather, and prioritize customer needs to make your product equally valuable both for your business and your audience.

We will create a value proposition design to deliver a compelling product that customers want to buy. At this stage, our team will also generate a valuable business model to make the product profitable, create a digital go-to-market strategy, and rally a team to turn that vision into a reality.

Scrum team augmentation

Get ready-to-go teams and grow with the least disruption and investment. We offer augmented team units to help you go from an MVP to a feature-rich product in no time. At ODG, we help you scale your team up and down on demand with no paperwork burdens or overheads.

Our remote developers will take over your in-house development tasks, assisting your team in scaling existing products and enhancing your first version. We let you have full control over augmented talent with transparent and calibrated processes.

Business analysis

Generate maximized business value with articulated market needs and actionable specifications. Our BA team studies your business objectives and shapes them into an accurate product vision with documented requirements.

Set your development process up for success with defined requirements specifications documentation.

Strategy consulting

The ODG team helps you design a strategic development plan which covers every aspect of product creation — from ideation to launch. We enhance your product vision and keep it pronounced in every development stage. Our product strategists define your validation criteria, measure key business parameters, and fine-tune your development scope with product goals.

We will also adapt your business model to evolving market needs and establish clear success metrics. Our consulting hub offers guidance in all business and development aspects — from funding to feedback analysis.

UX design consulting

Uncover hidden user pains to create competitive experiences that accelerate product growth. Our team of UX designers will help you prioritize bankable features that hit all the right spots. We will also provide a detailed breakdown of existing UX design issues with actionable guidelines on how to enhance user experiences and grow your product.

Our design team will help you establish the right UX processes so you can focus on your business growth and avoid unnecessary spending.


Support for your product

At ODG, we make your product maintenance easy and cost-effective. Whether it’s product scaling, legacy software, or technical debt issues, we will take over your product performance so you can focus on what matters the most. Together, we will:
  • Upgrade and enhance your digital solution
  • Reengineer your product
  • Do performance testing and monitoring
  • Troubleshoot any product issues
  • Manage your solution security
Tech consulting

We make your tech initiatives guided, defined, and aligned with the business. Our specialists provide ongoing guidance and advice across wide-ranging IT expertise. Whether it’s an IoT solution or a virtual try-on mobile app, we perform in-depth assessments to improve the efficiency, security, and compliance of your product.

Our tech consultants will help you plan the roadmap of technology adoption, estimate your technological choice, and reduce the costs of existing infrastructure.

Code review

Get vetted code review experts who can evaluate the entire code layout to make your app performance infallible. We screen your software for flaws, hidden vulnerabilities, and security holes. Our code review experts will help you find hidden bugs and fix performance issues in pre-production.

Our consistent code review practices ensure better quality code for your products to boost maintainability, security, and scalability. At ODG, we ship better code with the least hassle.

Quality assurance

Our team of QA engineers maintains stable project quality at all stages and reduces your QA expenses with proactive maintenance.

We act as your end users to provide firsthand feedback about the application to make sure it is up to user and technical requirements. Along with managed testing services, we also provide QA consulting that spans an end-to-end QA setup, audit, and training.


Why us?

At ODG, you get the expertise, experience,
and resources needed to support complex software projects and create the next big thing.

We focus on native mobile development.

We guide our clients through the whole process.

We are a people-oriented company, have a motivated and engaged team.

We are GDPR compliant and treat data security very highly.

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